Be Your Own Valentine + A Worksheet

Every birthday for the last 5 years, I turn off my phone and find a space where I can be alone. I grab some paper and I write down three headers: Personal, Professional, and Relationships. Under each section, I write down the things that I want to accomplish in each category before my next birthday. These have ranged from the simple: “only drinking one Diet Coke a week” (back in 2011) to the more complex: “less comparing, more doing” (in 2013).  I’m happy to report that I’ve knocked the Diet Coke thing out of the park (haven’t had one in 2 years)! And I’m doing way better with the comparing thing (shout out to Louise L. Hay).


I haven’t accomplished all the goals I’ve written down. But I know that just by writing them and acknowledging that they’re floating in my brain, I am one step closer to them. There is one from 2012 that I haven’t exactly figured out. It’s a pretty complicated one tied up with a lot of emotions. But when I revisit it and see the other things I have accomplished, I know eventually that tricky one will be possible too.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to share this with you. Instead of doing the usual Valentine’s Day candy buying or even just hating on the holiday…how about loving YOU a little bit more? Start this new tradition today or on February 14th or just wait until your birthday…whenever it feels right for you. I’ve made you a sheet you can print - but any paper will do – some pretty stationery or scraps from work. It doesn’t have to be fancy (this year I wrote mine on the back of a postcard). Let me know how the writing goes. And don’t forget to dream big!


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  1. Aja Lake | Lake & Co.
    February 13, 2014

    What a great tradition, Jessica. I love the idea. Happy Valentine’s!

  2. Jessica
    February 14, 2014

    Thanks Aja! Let me know how your list goes.

  3. Laura | Peaches and Greens
    February 14, 2014

    Lovely, lovely idea. Totally making all my friends do this!
    Also, many happy returns pretty lady xx

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